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Product Description
The Campaign for the Rational Mind, with forewords by the raconteur, polemicist and social commentator Noah Pawlowski and local business leader James McNulty, is the riveting tale of Sean Bellamy McNulty’s run for mayor of Central Saanich in 2008. This election was one of the most critical in the history of Central Saanich, with millions of dollars in potential projects hanging in the balance. Over the course of the book, which was written over the 2 years during the campaign, Sean takes on abusive staff members, entrenched corrupt local politicians and a vocal majority that had been holding the balance of power behind the scenes in Central Saanich denying opportunity for betterment within the community. His campaign to liberate Central Saanich wins him many admirers, as well as enemies who seek to discredit and destroy him at every opportunity.

Although ultimately unsuccessful in the battle to win the mayoral nomination, Sean is successful in winning the war of ideas. The projects he championed have since been approved and a new council put Central Saanich back on a path to prosperity.

Official Election Results

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My Final Post

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The people have spoken, and I respect their decision. Although, I still believe in what I stand for and whether the majority agrees or not is irrelevant to me.

This has been an absolutely fascinating experience. Back in February of 2007, Jesse Taylor and myself had coffee at a Starbucks in Cadboro Bay discussing my run for Mayor. Now, here we are in November of 2008, 1184 votes later.

I’m extremely proud that this campaign stuck to its principals. During that coffee with Jesse, I expressed my frustration with the current political process. The fact that typically candidates dodge questions, articulate very little vision and try to please everyone. We took on all those established principals of politics and remained transparent, articulated my vision and allowed for open honest debate via the website.

Amazingly enough, with this unconventional campaign we had a tremendous amount of success. I started out with no support, no experience, and no knowledge of municipal politics. By the end of this campaign, I had a base, raised close to $10 000 and now have a thorough understanding of local politics (a lot of which I can attribute to Bob Thompson, thanks Bob). We ran the most dynamic campaign, the most exciting campaign and the most press worthy campaign in the entire province!

Even though we didn’t win, this political campaign model will work. I believe if we had run the same campaign for council, we would have had a great shot at it. I find that fact encouraging and hope to see candidates use an open, transparent model in the future.

That being said, I learned an important lesson about why politicians are politicians (one that my campaign manager, Trevor Stack, was trying to tell me all along). It really is about dodging questions, staying low on the radar on issues but being well known and likeable. The individuals who got the most votes, John Garrison and Jack Mar, were the quietist about the issues! In fact, whether they care to admit to it or not, the three of us had the same stance on a lot of them, I was just a lot louder about it!

I will be leaving this website up for eternity. It’s an remarkable story, one that I want to share with as many people as possible. It is often said fact is stranger than fiction, this is an example of where that is the case. You couldn’t write a script with this many ups and downs. At campaign headquarters, you never knew what the next day was going to bring!

In addition, anyone thinking about running for office can see what it will entail, making this site a useful resource.

I want to congratulate Jack for winning and Chris for running. Jack’s a good man and although we operate differently, he’ll be able to work with this council. Chris and I had our battles during the campaign, but the campaigns over now, and so are the battles. We both wanted the position and I know he worked hard just like I did. Despite all our personal jabs at each other, we got along before the campaign, and we’ll get along after.

We’ve seen a lot of critics come out throughout this campaign on the website. I enjoyed their comments, although I disagreed with them, they did make me think twice about the issues. Specifically David, Johnson, Taylor, Jack (for the first bit) and Lori contributed a lot to the debate. I appreciate you taking the time to be involved. And of course, I want to thank my two main men Robert and Chris, although I appreciate critics to a certain extent, I’m really fond of my supporters! You gentleman stuck up for me through the good times and the bad times, I thank you for that. I want to single out a few other supporters such as Anne Keene over at Genesis. She’s not only backed me on the internet but at her beauty salon! Thanks Anne. There’s also Scott Keenlyside and Andrew Wintraub at Island View, they were right in the trenches prepping me for debates and listening and assited planning my speeches. I appreciated that.

There were plenty of other commenter’s (475 total comments) and supporters, too many to name, but I do appreciate your involvement as well.

There is one group of commenter’s I didn’t welcome, and those were the ones that continually attacked myself and my supporters personally. There’s a reason I left those comments up, because they said a lot more about the commenter’s than they did about me. I also want people to get a glimpse into the raw world of politics. The fact is if you want to be a politician, get used to treatment like that. It’s unfortunate but it comes with the position.

One quote by Theodore Roosevelt, sent to me by a friend, sums up my thoughts on this subject:

“It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes short again and again, who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause, who at best knows achievement and who at the worst if he fails at least fails while daring greatly so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”

Going forward, I have no plans for running in 2011 and will not continue to post on this website, respond to comments or attend council meetings. Business is my passion, not politics. Also, I am very happy with the new council here in Central Saanich. 4 of the 6 councillors that I supported got in, and I believe they will – along with the other candidates that were elected - do a fantastic job over the next 3 years. I want to point out to my detractors that while they may have won the battle against me, they lost the war, as many of the causes I championed will go through under this Mayor and Council. In the end, this was a battle of idea’s and we won it!

Thank you again to all the individuals that were involved in this campaign right down to the ticket girls at the Gala. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get back to my individualistic pursuits and making profits, as I know I can win at that.


Sean McNulty
Mayoral Candidate in Central Saanich


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After 20 months of campaigning the day’s here! Be sure to get out to the polling stations and allow your voice to be heard!

Polling Stations:
- Municipal Hall 1903 Mount Newton Cross Road
- Cultural Center 1209 Clarke Road

What to bring to vote:
- 1 piece of ID with residential address
- 1 piece of ID with signature and picture

Remember every vote counts!!!

Election Get Together Tonight

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I will be hosting a gathering at my house at 7081 Central Saanich Road (house on Driving Range) to watch the election results come in.

It will run from 8pm to 10pm, food and beverages will be served, and all are welcome!


Who I Voted For

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To continue on my theme of transparency, these are the council candidates I voted for in an advanced poll (in no particular order).

Terry Siklenka
Ron Kubek
Carl Jensen
John Garrison
Susan Mason
Jagmeet Grewal

These candidates posses excellent work ethic and will be strong decisive leaders of our municipal affairs. They will make a great place, Central Saanich, even better!



November 12th Debate Video

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Chris Graham’s Inappropriate Use of Tax Dollars

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My Grandma lives on Wilcox Terrence and it appears Chris was by her house the other day. Grandma wasn’t home so he left his brochure containing a business card in it with a personalized message (see picture above).

This wasn’t the usual candidate business card, it was his Central Saanich Councillor business card. Upon further investigation, I discovered that Chris had ordered 2000 business cards specifically for this election!

This means that whether you agree or disagree with Chris’s stances on the issues and the direction he wants to take this municipality, you’ve been financially supporting his campaign.

Coming from a candidate that touts his fiscal responsibility, this is anything but. I spent hundreds of dollars on my campaign business cards, and I know other candidates did as well. For him to order councillor cards then manipulate them into campaign propaganda is an unacceptable use of tax payer’s dollars.

If elected Mayor, I will be sending Chris an invoice for all 2000 of the business cards he ordered for this campaign. To enforce compliance, why don’t we cut off his water?


CBC Radio Debate

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Click logo to download the CBC Radio debate between Chris Graham, Jack Mar and myself!

A variety of topics are covered, including the proposed “Waterworks Bylaw” that will allow the municipality to shut off your water for not conforming to bylaws.

Press Release - Youngest Mayoral Candidate Knocks on Every Door in the Municipality

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6 months in the making, Central Saanich mayoral candidate Sean McNulty, 24, has completed his “Silent Majority Tour” and knocked on every accessible door in the community totaling 5008.  The political upstart began his trek this spring, several months after being the first to declare candidacy for the 2008 race.

“There are two facts I prove to the residents by completing this monumental task,” he said with a smile, “firstly, that I’ll out work any other candidate, and secondly, I am the toughest candidate mentally. This wasn’t a test of physical endurance, it was a test of mental endurance, and I passed it with flying colors”.

McNulty, general manager of the Island View Golf Centre, began his tour to better acquaint himself with the residents of this rural community.

“The Keating Industrial Park, the Peninsula Co-op, the Vantreight Hill Project proposal, the Senanus water line - those issues all came up,” said McNulty, of his talks with residents.  “But the main message has been that people are fed up with the lethargy of this Mayor and Council.  They want someone who can bring this municipality forward without sacrificing the small-town, rural feeling that brought people into this community.”

Traditionally, the arena of municipal politics has been a sleepy one in Central Saanich.  Candidates usually buy several dozen yard signs, pay for one Canada post mail-out, and spread the word to friends and family.  McNulty, on the other hand, is known for his giant billboard on the Pat Bay highway, luxurious gala at the Brentwood Bay lodge and extremely active blog-style website.

“The website has really heated up the race.  None of the other candidates allow the general public to comment.  I don’t hold back my views and neither do the people who comment on them.  The discourse has been very frank.”

Municipal elections are being held on November 15th, and residents of Central Saanich can vote at the Central Saanich Municipal Hall.

Sean will be free for telephone inquiries or interviews at 250-413-7279 anytime.

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