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Sean for Mayor Campaign Presents the Fundraising Dinner Gala November 5th

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This November the 5th, the beautiful Brentwood Bay Lodge will be hosting the Sean for Mayor Fundraising Dinner Gala.

Featuring a three course meal and speeches by Ryan Vantreight and Sean McNulty, the evening promises to be delicious and entertaining.

The Gala runs from 6pm to 9pm with a seating capacity for 104. Tickets are $125 and close to half of the tickets are already presold. We encourage anyone interested in attending to RSVP as soon as possible. You can do so by emailing sean@seanformayor.com, calling (250) 413-7279, or by purchasing tickets at Island View Golf Centre.

Look forward to seeing you there.

The Sean for Mayor Campaign Team

Press Release - Youngest Mayoral Candidate Passes Halfway Mark in “Silent Majority Tour”

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For Immediate Release:

Youngest Mayoral Candidate Passes Halfway Mark in “Silent Majority Tour”

Central Saanich mayoral candidate Sean McNulty, 24, has passed the halfway mark in his quest to knock on the door of every household in the municipality.  The political upstart began his trek this summer, several months after being the first to declare candidacy for the 2008 race.

“The municipality took an interest into the business I operated, so I decided to take an interest in what they were doing,” says McNulty.  “I was blown away by what I saw and found other residents were just as frustrated as I was.”

After wondering exactly how widespread these grievances were, McNulty set off to gather them directly by knocking on the over 5500 doors in the community.

“I saw it as a chance to supplement my knowledge of the municipality’s issues,” remarked McNulty of the tour.  “And what better way to let the residents get to know their candidate?”

Sean even bought a small gas-powered scooter so he could effectively reach all of the widely-separated homes in the mostly rural community.

“Initially people were skeptical that I would follow through with my promise, the scooter showed the residents I don’t just talk the talk I walk the walk. Now, 6 months later, we’re almost there!”

McNulty – already well-known in the community for his long-running “Sean for Mayor” billboard on the Patricia Bay Highway – provides day-to-day tracking of his “Silent Majority” tour on his website (www.seanformayor.com).  The site features articles, updates and insights gained from discussions with residents and personal views.

Municipal elections are being held on November 15th, and residents of Central Saanich can vote at the Central Saanich Municipal Hall.

Sean will be free for telephone inquiries or interviews at 250-413-7279 anytime.

Blog Post at www.HoneycombWebWorks.ca

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Below is a post I made on the Honeycomb Web Works blog that can be found at : http://honeycombwebworks.ca/content/first-100-transparent-campaign-sean-mcnulty

The First 100% Transparent Campaign

What makes the Sean for Mayor Campaign unique?

Is it the fact that we’re knocking on every door in the municipality? Partly, as this will be a first for the CRD region, but there are people who’ve knocked on more doors to get elected before.

Is it my age? If I win, yes, as I’ll be the youngest Mayor in Canadian History. But just putting your name forward as a candidate isn’t unique. Currently, there is a 19 year old running for Mayor of Victoria and a 19 year old running for council in Kelowna.

What makes my campaign unique is the fact that it is 100% transparent. By this I mean my views on just about everything are out there for the voters to judge. Even presidential candidates attempt to reveal less about their viewpoints and generally just use loose talking points. If you visit John McCain’s or Barack Obama’s websites you’ll notice that there are very few articles published by themselves. Most is done by campaign staff or supporters, and most is done for the sake of motivating each of their respective bases.

I decided to run my campaign this way because I believe people appreciate honest and transparency over secrecy and deception. All the presidential candidates continue to talk about a new kind of politics, but then continue an old style campaign. The Sean for Mayor Campaign is that new kind of politics, where the voters get to learn about my candidacy from my own words, not spun by the media, and have the opportunity to have me answer their questions and concerns either publicly on the blog or privately via email.

To date, I’ve got 105 articles posted making up hundreds of pages on everything you can imagine. Talk about a great deal for the voter (and a way to keep my campaign manager on his toes)!

Without the modern day version of the blog this couldn’t be possible. Due to this new medium we’re going to see all sorts of new exciting campaigns come out. There are so many different ways to get your message to the voter now!

Honeycomb Web Works has been a tremendous asset to our innovative website and thanks to excellent companies such as them everyone can setup a blog affordably, that looks great, plus gets ‘pure performance and sweet results’!


Sean McNulty
Mayoral Candidate in Central Saanich

Introducing the Sean for Mayor Scooter!

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When the Sean for Mayor Campaign first announced I was going to knock on every house in the district, we were met with some skepticism.

It is a tremendous task which presents some formidable logistic challenges.

But when the Sean for Mayor Campaign is confronted with a challenge we don’t stagnate, we innovate!

Therefore, thanks to the generous donations by the Sean for Mayor supporters, we’ve purchased a 2000 Honda Scooter (appropriately named the “Sean for Mayor Scooter”) to get me around to every house in the district as promised!

If you see me riding down the road honk and get a free bumper sticker!


The Bumper Stickers Have Arrived!

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Ladies and Gentleman,

Today we received the official Sean for Mayor Bumper Stickers!

Show your support for the campaign that will make Central Saanich an even better place to live and throw one up on your vehical today!

Email sean@seanformayor.com to have a bumper sticker personally delivered to your door.


The Sean for Mayor Campaign Team

The Silent Majority Tour has now visited over 1000 homes!

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I’m proud to announce that tonight the Tour went over 1000 homes!

It’s amazing to see the diversity within our neighbourhoods in Central Saanich. I’ll knock on one door, and meet a person with a certain political viewpoint. Then right next door, I’ll meet someone else with the exact opposite political point of view. If you locked them in a room together only one would come out alive!

This is the embodiment of what makes Central Saanich, not to mention the Western World, such a fantastic place to live. Our system values individuality over conformity and protects the minority from the majority, which cultivates mutual respect for each others pursuit of happiness.

I’ll be coming to your neighbourhood soon, look forward to meeting you!



Ending Hunger One Truck at a Time

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My brother, James McNulty, launched a charitable drive called “Ending Hunger One Truck at a Time” with some help from his friend Erin Wong and our family business Five Star Paving. The Goldstream News Gazette picked up on the story which I’ve posted below.

Great work James!


James McNulty may be young, but he’s planning to make a difference with a little help from The Mustard Seed and a lot of help from his friend Erin Wong.

“I just wanted to get more involved with the community” McNulty, 20, said.

Earlier this year he approached the Mustard Seed looking for ideas on how he could help Victoria – the city he grew up in.

Just a week after making contact with the food bank, the Mustard Seed turned around and approached McNulty with a project – a food drive in support of National Hunger Awareness Day on June 5.

McNulty had about a month to organize an event, so he recruited the support of his families business, Five Star Paving and Wong.

Wong had just finished his year at the University of Victoria and with some free time on his hands was able to take over a lot of the organizing.

This is the first year the young men have organized a food drive and it wasn’t as easy as they thought.

Originally their plan was to raise money to buy food at cost from local grocery stores, but McNulty and Wong had trouble getting stores on board with the idea and couldn’t find any supporters.

So instead McNulty turned to the industry he knows well, construction.

On June 3 and 4, Five Star Paving trucks will be driving around to collect monetary donations, mostly from businesses related to the construction industry.

The donations will then be brought to the Mustard Seed to be shared with the Goldstream Food Bank Society and the Sidney Lions Food Bank.

Because fresh food is hard to keep, all the money raised will be used to purchase perishable items as the food banks need them.

Both McNulty and Wong are excited for this drive, if not just to see what they can bring in, then also to make a game plan for next year’s drive.

“Next year, with a bit more exposure, hopefully we can get more,” McNulty said.


McTavish Elementary School Video Project

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Below I’ve copied an email that Alex Cook sent me regarding a spectacular undertaking by some kids out here on the Peninsula.

Show your support and help them win $50 000 by voting for their project at http://www.quantumshift.tv/schools/.

Thanks Alex!



Hi there!

Something big is hopefully about to happen for a little school right here on the island. McTavish Elementary School (a school of less than 200 students) has entered a video contest for creating change and environmental impact. The first prize is $50,000. They have made it to the final 3 and now they are up against 2 high schools in the United States.(so that makes McTavish the only elementary school and the only school in Canada to make it this far! Due to the larger populations at high schools and the US we have our work cut out for us) At this point it is who can get the most votes. So this little school needs your help! Please view their video - they have worked extremely hard and have had an impact on the whole Peninsula Community with their recycling program.

Click on  the link below and choose Join/Login from the top menu bar. After creating a login, view the McTavish Green Team video.  If you think they have done a good job and you would like to see the money go to a local school please vote for them.  All voting must be completed by May 30th!


It would be greatly appreciated if you would pass this on anybody you think would help.

Business Vancouver Island Newspaper Interview

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Island View Golf Centre has taken the concept of the “driving range” and taken it several notches up. In fact, to call it a driving range is really a misnomer. Island View Golf Centre is a golf practice facility where people can hone all aspects of their game.

The facility is truly unique and in general manager Sean McNulty’s words, “came out of the gate with guns blazing” when it opened in early 2005. It immediately was named the best new range in Canada and second best in North America by Range Times Magazine, a well-known American publication.

More recently, in April of this year, it was named Business of the Year for companies with 1-25 employees by the Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce.

“We felt spectacular,” McNulty says about winning the award. “We worked hard to get the organization to this level. The award is a symbol of the hard work we’ve put in in the past three years.”

McNulty credits the team that has been there since the beginning, with the centre’s recognition and success. Scott Keenlyside is the head CPGA professional; Andrew Wintraub is a CPGA professional and Hyo Sang Yoon works with the other team members to ensure that the business runs smoothly.

McNulty says the organization’s success is also due to discipline, consistency and focussing on delivering an excellent product to the customer. “But the big thing is discipline,” he says. “As I tell the employees on a regular basis, it’s not about being great four or five days a week. If you want to be a great company you have to be consistently great. Consistency is a mark of greatness. You look at a guy like Tiger Woods. He’s not a great golfer because he shot one great game of golf. He’s shot thousands of them. That’s what it’s all about – delivering top quality seven days a week.”

Everything about Island View Golf Centre is different, McNulty says. It starts with the driving range which looks like the fairway on a golf course. It has been designed with hills and bumps and many of the features that one would expect on a course. It’s also part of an overall beautiful facility. McNulty notes that many driving ranges enjoy a poor reputation when it comes to maintenance and esthetics. Island View has raised the bar considerably.

“I haven’t seen anything like this facility before,” McNulty says.

The driving range can accommodate 50 players with 25 upper and 25 lower stalls. Island View Golf Centre also features a putting green and a short game practice area where a golfer can except to encounter all the challenges he would face at a golf course from 40 yards in. This is a place to practice shots out of sand traps, chip shots and so on, McNulty says.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of Island View Golf Centre is the golf academy headed by Scott Keenlyside. Keenlyside has been awarded the Canadian CPGA Golf Teacher of the year, the BC CPGA Golf Teacher of the Year and Score Magazine’s Golf Professional of the Year. Keenlyside and Wintraub are both Class A professionals.

“They’re the cream of the crop when it comes to instruction,” McNulty says.

The golf academy offers instructional videos and lessons both at the centre and at neighbouring golf courses. “It’s a big part of our business,” McNulty says. “When we get into the summer they’re teaching lessons all day, every day.”

Everyone from experts to beginners can take lessons with the centre’s pros. They also teach group clinics, which are very popular with beginners and they do individual coaching where people sign up for a coaching session once a week. Coaching sessions usually take place on golf courses. McNulty likens it to having a personal workout trainer.

In McNulty’s words, clients are “ecstatic” with the lessons and coaching and the centre gets extraordinarily positive feedback. “The biggest sign that they’re doing the right thing is that a good portion of their business is repeat customers and referrals,” McNulty says. “They’re consistently great – and that’s the key.”

The clubhouse contains a pro shop that offers golfing gear including good quality used clubs and the center also does club fitting.

Business has been improving every year, McNulty says with 2007 seeing a 20 per cent increase over 2006. Future plans include converting a house on the property to a restaurant and bar. Also on the table is the possibility of creating a mini golf centre on the land. “There’s still some more expanding we’re going to do here so we’re really looking forward to the future,” McNulty says. “It’s going to be a very bright one.”

Island View Golf Centre is at 7081 Central Saanich Road.


Highway Billboard is up!

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Thanks to the hard work of the Sean for Mayor Campaign Team and supporters, we now have a 12′ x 24′ billboard on the highway!

It’s the last sign on the left hand side of the highway when you’re heading into Victoria.

Great work everyone!


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