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Sean for Mayor Campaign Presents the Fundraising Dinner Gala November 5th

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This November the 5th, the beautiful Brentwood Bay Lodge will be hosting the Sean for Mayor Fundraising Dinner Gala.

Featuring a three course meal and speeches by Ryan Vantreight and Sean McNulty, the evening promises to be delicious and entertaining.

The Gala runs from 6pm to 9pm with a seating capacity for 104. Tickets are $125 and close to half of the tickets are already presold. We encourage anyone interested in attending to RSVP as soon as possible. You can do so by emailing sean@seanformayor.com, calling (250) 413-7279, or by purchasing tickets at Island View Golf Centre.

Look forward to seeing you there.

The Sean for Mayor Campaign Team

Press Release - Youngest Mayoral Candidate Passes Halfway Mark in “Silent Majority Tour”

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For Immediate Release:

Youngest Mayoral Candidate Passes Halfway Mark in “Silent Majority Tour”

Central Saanich mayoral candidate Sean McNulty, 24, has passed the halfway mark in his quest to knock on the door of every household in the municipality.  The political upstart began his trek this summer, several months after being the first to declare candidacy for the 2008 race.

“The municipality took an interest into the business I operated, so I decided to take an interest in what they were doing,” says McNulty.  “I was blown away by what I saw and found other residents were just as frustrated as I was.”

After wondering exactly how widespread these grievances were, McNulty set off to gather them directly by knocking on the over 5500 doors in the community.

“I saw it as a chance to supplement my knowledge of the municipality’s issues,” remarked McNulty of the tour.  “And what better way to let the residents get to know their candidate?”

Sean even bought a small gas-powered scooter so he could effectively reach all of the widely-separated homes in the mostly rural community.

“Initially people were skeptical that I would follow through with my promise, the scooter showed the residents I don’t just talk the talk I walk the walk. Now, 6 months later, we’re almost there!”

McNulty – already well-known in the community for his long-running “Sean for Mayor” billboard on the Patricia Bay Highway – provides day-to-day tracking of his “Silent Majority” tour on his website (www.seanformayor.com).  The site features articles, updates and insights gained from discussions with residents and personal views.

Municipal elections are being held on November 15th, and residents of Central Saanich can vote at the Central Saanich Municipal Hall.

Sean will be free for telephone inquiries or interviews at 250-413-7279 anytime.

New FAQ - Do you want to develop the ALR?

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Below is the answer to one of my most frequently asked questions. This post will now also be available under the tab “FAQ”.

Do you want to develop the ALR? 

No, I’m not a proponent of developing on land that is farmable. I recognize that people move out here for the rural appeal of the area and I intend on enhancing Central Saanich by leveraging its authentic cultural assets to make a great place even better.

It’s important that ‘rural’ is properly defined. People often get ‘rural’ confused with ‘run down’ and see the lack of sidewalks, old tired buildings, lack of road infrastructure, lack of potable water to some residents and aging population as part of being a rural community. I disagree with that notion. I define rural as an agricultural based community, which means having the farm markets and the horses and tractors on the road WITH up to date infrastructure, paved roads, new buildings, demographic diversity, clean drinking water to all residents and other amenities. I reject this notion that there is a struggle going on pitting business, agricultural and residential demands against each other. It’s not a fixed pie and with the proper leadership at city hall we can have a thriving business, agricultural and residential community all here in the land of plenty.

In my door to door travels, I’m often asked whether I am ‘pro development’ or not. I believe this is oversimplifying the issue; the question is what areas are you pro development in? Being pro development in Keating is a lot different than being pro development in the Mt Newton Valley.

I am very “Pro Development” in Brentwood Bay, Saanichton and Keating. I believe those areas are underutilized and property owners great ideas for improvement on their own land are often shut down for unjust and irrational reasons. Plus, by allowing those areas to prosper tax revenue is raised that can go to fund road infrastructure improvements and assets to the community such as the Panorama Recreation Centre.

Frankly, I see the whole debate about developing farmable land as a misuse of time. The Agricultural Land Commission has final say on all development and rezoning proposals within the ALR, so even if there was an anti-farm mayor and council any proposals that were against the ALC’s mandate would be rejected. Within the Local Government Act - which governs municipalities - it specifically states that urban sprawl is to be avoided. Plus there is a Regional Growth Strategy and an urban containment boundary that the CRD oversees and a Regional Context Statement and Official Community Plan in Central Saanich that regulate the development of ALR land. Therefore, besides the fact that no one is campaigning on developing the ALR, there is plenty of government regulation to make it virtually impossible to do.

Blog Post at www.HoneycombWebWorks.ca

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Below is a post I made on the Honeycomb Web Works blog that can be found at : http://honeycombwebworks.ca/content/first-100-transparent-campaign-sean-mcnulty

The First 100% Transparent Campaign

What makes the Sean for Mayor Campaign unique?

Is it the fact that we’re knocking on every door in the municipality? Partly, as this will be a first for the CRD region, but there are people who’ve knocked on more doors to get elected before.

Is it my age? If I win, yes, as I’ll be the youngest Mayor in Canadian History. But just putting your name forward as a candidate isn’t unique. Currently, there is a 19 year old running for Mayor of Victoria and a 19 year old running for council in Kelowna.

What makes my campaign unique is the fact that it is 100% transparent. By this I mean my views on just about everything are out there for the voters to judge. Even presidential candidates attempt to reveal less about their viewpoints and generally just use loose talking points. If you visit John McCain’s or Barack Obama’s websites you’ll notice that there are very few articles published by themselves. Most is done by campaign staff or supporters, and most is done for the sake of motivating each of their respective bases.

I decided to run my campaign this way because I believe people appreciate honest and transparency over secrecy and deception. All the presidential candidates continue to talk about a new kind of politics, but then continue an old style campaign. The Sean for Mayor Campaign is that new kind of politics, where the voters get to learn about my candidacy from my own words, not spun by the media, and have the opportunity to have me answer their questions and concerns either publicly on the blog or privately via email.

To date, I’ve got 105 articles posted making up hundreds of pages on everything you can imagine. Talk about a great deal for the voter (and a way to keep my campaign manager on his toes)!

Without the modern day version of the blog this couldn’t be possible. Due to this new medium we’re going to see all sorts of new exciting campaigns come out. There are so many different ways to get your message to the voter now!

Honeycomb Web Works has been a tremendous asset to our innovative website and thanks to excellent companies such as them everyone can setup a blog affordably, that looks great, plus gets ‘pure performance and sweet results’!


Sean McNulty
Mayoral Candidate in Central Saanich

Introducing the Sean for Mayor Scooter!

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When the Sean for Mayor Campaign first announced I was going to knock on every house in the district, we were met with some skepticism.

It is a tremendous task which presents some formidable logistic challenges.

But when the Sean for Mayor Campaign is confronted with a challenge we don’t stagnate, we innovate!

Therefore, thanks to the generous donations by the Sean for Mayor supporters, we’ve purchased a 2000 Honda Scooter (appropriately named the “Sean for Mayor Scooter”) to get me around to every house in the district as promised!

If you see me riding down the road honk and get a free bumper sticker!


The Bumper Stickers Have Arrived!

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Ladies and Gentleman,

Today we received the official Sean for Mayor Bumper Stickers!

Show your support for the campaign that will make Central Saanich an even better place to live and throw one up on your vehical today!

Email sean@seanformayor.com to have a bumper sticker personally delivered to your door.


The Sean for Mayor Campaign Team

Referendum Question – Amalgamation with North Saanich and Sidney

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Below is an email I sent to Mayor and Council regarding adding Amalgamation with North Saanich and Sidney as a referendum question.


To Mayor and Council,

I am writing to request that you add the question, “Do you support amalgamation with North Saanich and Sidney”, to the referendum questions the voters will be asked this November 15th.

The District of Central Saanich is already spending $20 000 on adding referendum questions to the ballot and I believe it is important to maximize the return on this investment. Amalgamation is an big topic and it would be wise to allow the voters to have a voice on how they would like their municipal government structured.

The additional cost to collect and compile the data for this question is minimal, and by taking this initiative we can move towards bringing the discussion on amalgamation to a close. If the voters are against it, the discussion is settled. If the voters are for it, we can begin moving forward on amalgamation and taking advantage of the grants setup by the Provincial Government.

Either way, knowing the will of the people of Central Saanich regarding amalgamation would be an asset to the incoming Mayor and Council.


Sean McNulty
Mayoral Candidate in Central Saanich
7081 Central Saanich Rd
Saanichton, BC  V8M 1Y3

The Silent Majority Tour has now visited over 1000 homes!

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I’m proud to announce that tonight the Tour went over 1000 homes!

It’s amazing to see the diversity within our neighbourhoods in Central Saanich. I’ll knock on one door, and meet a person with a certain political viewpoint. Then right next door, I’ll meet someone else with the exact opposite political point of view. If you locked them in a room together only one would come out alive!

This is the embodiment of what makes Central Saanich, not to mention the Western World, such a fantastic place to live. Our system values individuality over conformity and protects the minority from the majority, which cultivates mutual respect for each others pursuit of happiness.

I’ll be coming to your neighbourhood soon, look forward to meeting you!



June 23rd Times Colonist Article

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24-year-old first to declare run for Central Saanich mayoralty

A 24-year-old wants to be mayor of Central Saanich.

Sean McNulty is the only declared mayoral candidate in the municipality so far. McNulty has a large billboard on the Pat Bay Highway, has a Facebook site and a website where he answers questions. (One person commented they didn’t like having to look at the large billboard. “Get used to it. It’s there until November,” McNulty replied.)

McNulty works at both his family’s businesses, the Island View Golf Centre and Five Star Paving. He doesn’t have previous elected experience, but has been on the Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce and is a former president of the Central Saanich Toastmasters Club.

“I have the experience, not in politics, but to get the job done,” said McNulty, who describes himself as “single and looking.”

His platform includes rejuvenation of Saanichton and Brentwood Bay villages, and advocating for the “fair and equal treatment of all citizens of Central Saanich,” something he said isn’t happening now.

“I don’t want to get negative, but there’s a very adversarial relationship between residents and city hall.”

McNulty’s other key platform is “efficient and responsible management of taxpayers’ dollars.”


Letter to Mayor and Council Regarding Expanding the Keating Industrial Park in the 1720 to 1870 area of Keating Cross Road

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To Mayor and Council,

I am writing to express my support for the expansion of the Keating Industrial park in the 1720 to 1870 area of Keating Cross Road.

As you may or may not be aware, industrial space in the Greater Victoria Region is in high demand with limited supply. The industrial vacancy rate is 0.1% in Central Saanich and 0.2% regionally (Colliers International Victoria Industrial Market Report 2007).

This is extremely evident in the Keating Area as it is busting at the seems. Many companies, including my family business Five Star Paving and Interlocking Brick, will be looking to expand in the coming years and there is no where for us to go.

If no new industrial space is developed, our company, as well as many others, will be left no other choice but to move to another one of the 13 municipalities. It would be a terrible shame for the district to lose out on the good paying jobs, tax revenues and great products and services my families company as well as many others offer.

This particular stretch of land is ideal for this light industrial development. The back quarter is ALR land which would remain, acting as a buffer, and across the street is the Butler Gravel Pit and Central Saanich Public Works Yard. It therefore will not effect any residents enjoyment of their property in a negative way.

With preliminary talks of the new fire hall being located in that general area, it would make sense for the money raised from this development to go towards funding a new fire hall. It just so happens the Central Saanich Municipality owns land along this stretch of Keating, which could be sold off or used for this firehall.

This type of light industrial development also serves another important purpose, it creates local, high paying jobs. By creating these great jobs in our own district we are creating more opportunities for people to live, work and play in our community. This is a beautiful thing.

Some may argue that we will have plenty of industrial space once the gravel pit moves out. That space will not be available for 10 years, and the shortage of light industrial space in the municipality is happening now.

With 66% of Central Saanich being within the ALR, it’s important that we utilize the areas that have not been designated for farming wisely and allow the tax base to grow. This is a tremendous opportunity to do just that and as a resident and business operator in Central Saanich, I strongly recommend you do so.


Sean McNulty
7081 Central Saanich Road
Central Saanich, BC
V8M 1Y3

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