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Human Rights

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The line of what is a “human right” has been getting blurred in recent years. Things like food, housing, a job, and other necessities of life have been brought into the fold and have demanded to be provided by governments and employers by all sorts of special interest groups.

These are not “human rights” and they are not something Government should guarantee. They are items that humans working together will provide for each other, usually by specializing in one and trading the surplus of goods they produce or are part of producing for an item they want. The more of their goods they produce, the more they can trade for other peoples produce. Our money being used as a middleman in this trade, which reduces the task of searching for someone who wants what you produce. The best system for fostering this trade and advancing our standard of living and civilization with it is Capitalism, or the free market.

Now lets talk about what human rights are. They are the basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled, often held to include the right to life and liberty, freedom of thought and expression, and equality before the law. What human rights purpose was when created wasn’t to guarantee success for everyone, but to allow everyone to pursue what makes him or her happy. To live on their own terms, where they made the decisions on what path their life will travel.

Human Rights are not about the government providing individuals what they want to be happy, but leaving individuals to choose and work for what will make them happy. We need our human rights protected because historically without them, Governments continue to encroach on peoples life’s for reasons like “the community good” or “national security”. It is difficult to protect our rights when they aren’t clear. You can’t demand housing and at the same time demand property rights (which are necessary in individual rights). One contradicts the other.

Straight Shooter

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I want to commend David Hahn on shooting it straight on the Queen of the North sinking. In today’s environment of political correctness, it is difficult to find leaders who credit and critic the proper people, especially under these circumstances.

The most discourage part of the whole story is the fact that the individuals to blame for the sinking aren’t saying anything. Two people lost their lives and a multimillion-dollar vessel was destroyed due to their incompetence. If they had any character or self respect at all they would take responsibility for their errors and accept the punishment for it.

Now back to David Hahn, has anyone noticed the lack of backlash or media uproar over the sinking? Everyone, from union workers to capitalists can appreciate someone telling it how it is. Human beings have a sixth sense for sincerity. That’s what leadership is all about; telling it like it is, dealing with the facts and using logic to take the necessary steps to solve the problem.

Great work Mr Hahn.

Colwood Corners

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I want to compliment the Times Colonist on the great story in today’s paper on a man with a vision, Les Bjola. I’ve come to expect a very anti development slant from the Times Colonist, or as it is referred to, the Times Communist.

This was refreshing, as the story took on both the positives, and the negatives of Les’s previous endeavors and let the reader make up their own mind. It talked about his passion for building and the fun he has while doing it, plus the jobs and facilities people like him create from scratch. A beautiful story!

Parks Building in Sidney

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I recently visited the Parks Building on a tour with the Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce. It is one of seven buildings in the world that meet the LEED’s Platinum status (the highest obtainable) and is a magnificent piece of work! It features Storm Water Storage and Treatment, an Ocean Based Geothermal Heating System, Photovoltaic Panels (solar panels), exterior sun shades to block the amount of direct sunshine which can penetrate the window, a built in computer system that ensures that the building runs efficiently (lights aren’t left on, ect), to name a few. It is a spectacularly efficient building, and I love efficiency.

At the same time, this building was the most irresponsible use of Taxpayers dollars I have come across. The cost to build the building was $4.5 million dollars. Majority of the offices have ocean views, there’s 3 boardrooms (for 20 employees?), finely crafted wood desks and chairs, flat screen TV’s and flat screen computer monitors. The list goes on and on, not an expense was spared. Keep in mind, this isn’t a visitor centre or a building that will receive use by the general public, this is office space.

I’m not saying that Parks Canada doesn’t do a good job, or its employee’s don’t deserve it. I don’t know anything about their operations. What I do know is that an office building of the same size that would fulfill the same purpose could have been built for around $500 000, or about 11% of what it eventually cost them. I also know that I don’t want my tax dollars being spent to build extravagant office space!

I support the government building efficient buildings that are economically feasible. To invest capital in a building that you’ll get back in energy savings within a period of 2 to 5 years is responsible and logical. The amount of capital that was invested in this building will not be recovered in 50 years!

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