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The Talented Vancouver Island

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I read in today’s paper about the local hockey players being drafted into the NHL and began to think about all the talent that has come from Vancouver Island and made a big impact on the world stage in a variety of entertainment and sports fields. Right off the top of my head I can name:

Pamela Anderson
Steve Nash
Nelly Furtado
Rod Brindamore
David Foster
Diana Krall

All of these celebrities are household names and leaders in their respected professions. Take Vancouver Islands population of approximately 723 000 residents and it works out to 0.00082% chance that someone born on Vancouver Island will end up at the top of their field and a household name. Then when you factor in all the people about to break through, on the edge of breaking through, and the people I forgot, the percentage jumps even higher.

I don’t have the stats to prove it but I bet if you compared that to other locations in the world, Vancouver Island would rank near the top in talent produced per capita.

The Political Compass

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A few months ago, my campaign manager and I were talking about the left and right wing political spectrum and how inadequate it was in specifying a candidate’s position. The narrow amount of information revealed in the horizontal left/right wing spectrum causes some of the irrational, illogical, and unproductive hatred we are seeing today between the left and the right.

Our solution was to add a vertical line to the already horizontal line. One line would represent economic viewpoints and one line would represent social viewpoints. Then when people discussed ideas more information would be revealed allowing for more common points of views and less assumptions of each other’s stance.

Well it turns out someone has already done it! In fact, it’s taught in University!

I’m surprised that this scale isn’t more commonly used and taught. The scale would reduce the political “Pigeon Holeing”, which is the act of stereotyping an individual of possessing either right of left politically extreme ideology, simply by allowing candidates to specify more precisely where they stand. This “Pigeon Holeing” serves one purpose only, to rally support against an individual without actually attacking them on the issues.

Here is what the Compass looks like:

Political Compass

As you can see this scale represents all aspects of economic and social viewpoints. Brilliant!

The website I found this compass also has a test you can take to see where you stand on the Political Compass. Here were my results:

Sean Results 

I was intrigued by how accurate the questionnaire turned out to be as I am for the free market and for social freedom.

Here is where some of histories most memorable stand:
Historical Compass

If this compass were to retain widespread use among society you would see a coming together of the right and left.

Try taking the test yourself at http://politicalcompass.org/.     


BC Lotto

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BC Lotto has gotten itself into a huge mess. Integrity is key to any business, even more so in gambling. When you go to Vegas and they tell you the slot machine payout is 97%, it is not 96.9% it is 97%. That’s the name of the game, you have to have 100% transparency or you lose the customers trust and they go somewhere else. If this situation happened at a Casino in Vegas, it would be out of business in a week.

As far as the Provincial Governments response it has been very appropriate. The firing of Vic Poleschuck, BC Lotto’s CEO, was the right move. He is to be held accountable for an oversight this large. The releasing of the retailers names that won numerous amount of times is a way to hold them accountable, as building a case to prove they scammed their customers would be next to impossible.

The next question is prevention of this event repeating itself. BC Lotto’s new policy is lottery tickets can only be bought at places where they can be read by machines as winners/losers. The machines display the data to the customers, removing any chance of a retailer misleading their clients. The press coverage of the event contributes to prevention as well as the public will now be much more cautious when they redeem their lottery tickets.

In conclusion, I am satisfied with the handling of this issue and believe the appropriate steps were taken both in punishing the individual’s responsible and the preventive measures taken.

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