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Ron Paul

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Ron Paul is a Republican Presidential Candidate for the 2008 elections and is the most refreshing politician I have ever come across. Whether or not you agree with his message, you have to admire the man for the fact that he lives by his principles. He’s never voted to raise taxes, never voted for an unbalance budget, doesn’t enroll himself in the congressional pension plan, voted against the patriot act, and the Iraq war.

I recall in my International Business class being one of the only students willing to stand up for the USA and the ideas the nation was founded on. Foreign policy is an area where they could clearly use some new ideas as their current policies have created a lot of animosity on a worldwide level. Ron Paul has a different take on foreign policy. His approach is non-intervention, promotion of free trade and to stay out of other nations internal affairs. To be friends with everyone, align with none. This message doesn’t only appeal to myself, as he boasts the most donations from soldiers of all the republican candidates.

The other candidates are continually fear mongering in an effort to gain votes. Their goal is to be seen as the candidate that will keep the population the “safest”. Ron Paul doesn’t get caught up in that nonsense. He argues facts and figures, while other candidates argue with emotional propaganda. It is always a sign of trouble ahead when politicians try to win you over emotionally rather than logically.

I am amazed by the fact that the USA’s politicians ignore the constitution. That is supposed to be the guidelines of their country! In the last debate Mitt Romney spoke about seeing his lawyer regarding going to war. Ron Paul snapped back that you don’t need a lawyer, “open up the constitution and read it. You can’t go to war without congresses approval”! The argument against following the constitution is that it is outdated and the founding fathers couldn’t have possibly comprehended the complex society we live in today. That’s a great cop out, but the fact is although economies, technology and demographics change, principals do not. Freedom and liberty ought to never be compromised, no matter how “complex” society becomes.

A common response I hear from people I talk to about Ron Paul is that he doesn’t have a chance. That is incorrect, as long as he’s a candidate he has a chance. There are always probabilities of outcomes, but that doesn’t negate the possibilities. In the last quarter he raised 5 million dollars, which puts him in 4th place among republican candidates. An interesting point is that while the other candidate’s contributions are dwindling, his are doubling! The media is continually pointing out that he is not doing well in the polls. Well the polls call up a random republicans that voted in the last election. Ron Paul is a completely different candidate than George Bush and therefore will attract different voters. More evidence of the inaccuracies of the polls are the strong showings he has had at straw polls around the USA.

Ron Paul exemplifies what politics ought to be about. Instead of having all these unaccountable, unreliable, untrustworthy, flip flopping, cookie cutters representing the population, why can’t politics be about people who do what they say and say what they do and are not afraid to live by their principles, even if that means losing a few votes?

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Saanich Peninsula Trolley

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This week, I wanted to run an idea I had by you (the readers) and get your feedback on it.

I would like to see a trolley transportation system created to serve the Saanich Peninsula; similar to the one they have in Langford, Sidney Australia and other locations around the world. This trolley system would be free to ride (although it would accept donations) and shuttle people around the commercial districts and other spectacular attractions we have located on the Peninsula.

Of course, one must always consider the economics of an initiative like this, and in my opinion it is affordable. The big capital cost is the trolley, which can be purchased for around $60 000 US (total investment for Langford’s trolley). Then you have the costs of hiring a driver, fuel and other miscellaneous items. I’d ball park the whole initiative startup costs at around $80 000, and operational costs at about $60 000 per year (driver at $35 000, $20 000 for fuel and $5000 for repairs and maintenance). The goal being that the revenue brought in from advertisements and donations would cover the operating costs.

I would envision the following route:

Trolley Route 

The trolley would start at Butchard Gardens, to Brentwood Bay, to Keating Cross Rd, down Central Saanich, around the Saanichton Village, pop by Panorama Rec Centre, down to Glen Meadows/Ardmore, swing by the Airport then cruise the strip in Sidney turning around at the Pier.

This route covers all the commercial districts, the recreational facilities and a few attractions. In the summer time, you could bring Island View Beach into the mix.

The benefits of a trolley system out on the Peninsula are plenty:

· Encourages economic development in commercial areas through increased access to local residents. That also means increased tax revenue for infrastructure, etc.
· Increased revenue for Peninsula businesses, better wages for employees and more prosperity for region.
· Reduces number of vehicles on the road, which is great for the environment and the pocket book.
· Simplifies parent’s transportation issues with their children.
· Increases use of recreational facilities on the Peninsula.
· Transportation for seniors who no longer drive.
· Great for tourism and stimulating additional purchases by tourists of goods and services out the Peninsula.

The Saanich Peninsula Trolley is also viable. Considering that Langford is home to a population of 18 000 and has a viable Trolley. We’re 37 000 strong out here! There’s more than enough of a customer base for a trolley. The key is the three municipalities working together to make it happen.

As we get closer to the election, I’m going to do my due diligence and research the Saanich Peninsula Trolley system.

In the meantime I look forward to hearing your feedback.

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