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Campaign Platform

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Its my pleasure to annouce that the Campaign Platform has been completed and is available in PDF format on both this posting and under the Campaign Platform header.

Sean McNulty for Mayor of Central Saanich Campaign Platform

Enjoy reading about the Campaign.




CFAX Radio Interview November 6th, 2007

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On November 4th, Stephen Andrew invited me to come on his show to discuss the Sean for Mayor campaign and its growing popularity. I accepted the invitation and had a great time on the show. Stephen was a excellent host and the callers asked tough but important questions that kept me on my toes!

Click the link below to hear the 1 on 1 interview.

Listen to the CFAX Radio Interview

(Unfortunatly, the last few minutes was cutoff by the CFAX recording machine) 


The Shade of Grey within Bylaws

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There is a large grey area that allows for preferential treatment with the way bylaws are written and enforced. They all ought to be written and enforced in a way that leaves nothing to the enforcing parties discretion. That way you can be sure that the ticket was issued on a bylaw infringement rather than a personal vendetta.

The system is so flawed that some bylaws are written in a way that anyone can be ticketed for them! For an example, look at the posted speed limits on our roads.

Anyone who drives can clearly see that very few people obey the posted speed limit, and the ones that do back up traffic for miles! The posted speed limit isn’t obeyed because people are comfortable and capable at driving at faster speeds safely. Even police officers that enforce speed limits know this and don’t issue tickets unless you’re around 11km above the posted limit. But legally, a police officer could go out and ticket just about every individual on the road at any time of day.

This grey area that has been created by the illogical speed limit bylaws may seem trivial, but in fact does have repercussions.

-It creates animosity towards police officers from motorist due to the fact they know the ticket could be thrown out if the police officer wished to.
-It creates arguments between the motorist and the enforcing officer on what speed actually justifies a ticket.
-Most importantly, it puts excessive power in the enforcing officers hands.

There’s a simple, effective, and rational way to solve this particular bylaw issue. Raise speed limits by 10km and in some cases 20km, eliminate the grey area, and take all the subjective powers out of the officer’s hands. In an old 50km zone, 60km would be the new limit and within the speed limit, 61kms would be speeding, end of story. You’d be doing both the officer and the motorist a huge favor.

The motorists would know exactly what speed constituted speeding and much of the grounds for arguing any tickets would be removed. The enforcing officer would have clear bylaw to enforce, and would be truly just doing his job. Not to mention it’d keep them honest. In the end there would be less animosity between motorists and police officers when the uncomfortable situation arises of issuing a ticket.

This same black/white approach ought to be applied to all bylaws.


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