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Platform Video’s Now Up!

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Check out the platform page to view:


The Sean for Mayor Campaign Team

June 23rd Times Colonist Article

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24-year-old first to declare run for Central Saanich mayoralty

A 24-year-old wants to be mayor of Central Saanich.

Sean McNulty is the only declared mayoral candidate in the municipality so far. McNulty has a large billboard on the Pat Bay Highway, has a Facebook site and a website where he answers questions. (One person commented they didn’t like having to look at the large billboard. “Get used to it. It’s there until November,” McNulty replied.)

McNulty works at both his family’s businesses, the Island View Golf Centre and Five Star Paving. He doesn’t have previous elected experience, but has been on the Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce and is a former president of the Central Saanich Toastmasters Club.

“I have the experience, not in politics, but to get the job done,” said McNulty, who describes himself as “single and looking.”

His platform includes rejuvenation of Saanichton and Brentwood Bay villages, and advocating for the “fair and equal treatment of all citizens of Central Saanich,” something he said isn’t happening now.

“I don’t want to get negative, but there’s a very adversarial relationship between residents and city hall.”

McNulty’s other key platform is “efficient and responsible management of taxpayers’ dollars.”


CFAX Radio Interview June 23rd

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Click link above to hear the 1 on 1 interview between Joe Easingwood and Sean McNulty!

CFAX Interview Monday June 23rd at 8am

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This Monday, June 23rd I will be on CFAX (1070AM) with Joe Easingwood to discuss the Sean for Mayor Campaign and making a great place, Central Saanich even better!

Be sure to tune in!


Letter to Mayor and Council Regarding Expanding the Keating Industrial Park in the 1720 to 1870 area of Keating Cross Road

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To Mayor and Council,

I am writing to express my support for the expansion of the Keating Industrial park in the 1720 to 1870 area of Keating Cross Road.

As you may or may not be aware, industrial space in the Greater Victoria Region is in high demand with limited supply. The industrial vacancy rate is 0.1% in Central Saanich and 0.2% regionally (Colliers International Victoria Industrial Market Report 2007).

This is extremely evident in the Keating Area as it is busting at the seems. Many companies, including my family business Five Star Paving and Interlocking Brick, will be looking to expand in the coming years and there is no where for us to go.

If no new industrial space is developed, our company, as well as many others, will be left no other choice but to move to another one of the 13 municipalities. It would be a terrible shame for the district to lose out on the good paying jobs, tax revenues and great products and services my families company as well as many others offer.

This particular stretch of land is ideal for this light industrial development. The back quarter is ALR land which would remain, acting as a buffer, and across the street is the Butler Gravel Pit and Central Saanich Public Works Yard. It therefore will not effect any residents enjoyment of their property in a negative way.

With preliminary talks of the new fire hall being located in that general area, it would make sense for the money raised from this development to go towards funding a new fire hall. It just so happens the Central Saanich Municipality owns land along this stretch of Keating, which could be sold off or used for this firehall.

This type of light industrial development also serves another important purpose, it creates local, high paying jobs. By creating these great jobs in our own district we are creating more opportunities for people to live, work and play in our community. This is a beautiful thing.

Some may argue that we will have plenty of industrial space once the gravel pit moves out. That space will not be available for 10 years, and the shortage of light industrial space in the municipality is happening now.

With 66% of Central Saanich being within the ALR, it’s important that we utilize the areas that have not been designated for farming wisely and allow the tax base to grow. This is a tremendous opportunity to do just that and as a resident and business operator in Central Saanich, I strongly recommend you do so.


Sean McNulty
7081 Central Saanich Road
Central Saanich, BC
V8M 1Y3

North Saanich Waterslide Petition

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I was contacted earlier this week by a Dean Park Resident, Gene Johnson, who is in favor of the proposed water slide.

He is currently working on a petition which has already garnered the support of 75 residents of Dean Park! Gene has also written letters to the Peninsula News Review, which were published both in the Wednesday and Friday editions.

If you’d like to help him in his quest to make the waterslide happen, write letters to your Mayor, council, the Times Colonist and the Peninsula News Review. If you would like to sign one of the petitions, click one of the links below, write your name and address in, save the document then email to me.

Dean Park Petition

North Saanich Petition

Saanich Peninsula Petition

Excellent work Gene and you have my support!


Ending Hunger One Truck at a Time

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My brother, James McNulty, launched a charitable drive called “Ending Hunger One Truck at a Time” with some help from his friend Erin Wong and our family business Five Star Paving. The Goldstream News Gazette picked up on the story which I’ve posted below.

Great work James!


James McNulty may be young, but he’s planning to make a difference with a little help from The Mustard Seed and a lot of help from his friend Erin Wong.

“I just wanted to get more involved with the community” McNulty, 20, said.

Earlier this year he approached the Mustard Seed looking for ideas on how he could help Victoria – the city he grew up in.

Just a week after making contact with the food bank, the Mustard Seed turned around and approached McNulty with a project – a food drive in support of National Hunger Awareness Day on June 5.

McNulty had about a month to organize an event, so he recruited the support of his families business, Five Star Paving and Wong.

Wong had just finished his year at the University of Victoria and with some free time on his hands was able to take over a lot of the organizing.

This is the first year the young men have organized a food drive and it wasn’t as easy as they thought.

Originally their plan was to raise money to buy food at cost from local grocery stores, but McNulty and Wong had trouble getting stores on board with the idea and couldn’t find any supporters.

So instead McNulty turned to the industry he knows well, construction.

On June 3 and 4, Five Star Paving trucks will be driving around to collect monetary donations, mostly from businesses related to the construction industry.

The donations will then be brought to the Mustard Seed to be shared with the Goldstream Food Bank Society and the Sidney Lions Food Bank.

Because fresh food is hard to keep, all the money raised will be used to purchase perishable items as the food banks need them.

Both McNulty and Wong are excited for this drive, if not just to see what they can bring in, then also to make a game plan for next year’s drive.

“Next year, with a bit more exposure, hopefully we can get more,” McNulty said.


The Silent Majority Tour has now visited over 500 homes!

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I’m proud to announce that tonight the Silent Majority Tour went over the 500 door mark!

It has been a great experience thus far. I’ve had the opportunity to meet fantastic people, listened to all their different points of view about the issues in Central Saanich, heard first hand how they effect the residents and have met a ton of dogs!

I look forward to meeting the rest of the residents of Central Saanich as the Silent Majority Tour progresses!


The Water Slide

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On May 27th, North Saanich mayor and council voted down a variance which would have allowed the construction for the Panorama Recreation Centre’s Water Slide as currently planned.

Allow me to provide some background information on this. Originally, Panorama applied for a variance in mid December, the advisory planning commission reviewed it and recommended the variance be approved. Then North Saanich staff reviewed the bylaws and came to the conclusion that no variance was required to construct the water slide and therefore Panorama proceeded with construction. A group of North Saanich residents caught wind of this and hired a lawyer who went through North Saanich bylaws. Their lawyer came to the conclusion that Panorama did in fact require a variance. North Saanich Staff then advised Panorama it may have interpreted its own bylaws incorrectly. Upon hearing this, Panorama resubmitted the application for a variance, which was subsequently denied.

The main concern of the NS residents was in their opinion the negative effect the water slide would have on their view and subsequently their property value.

At best, this claim is ridiculous.

I’ve provided images at the bottom of this post that show what the tower would have looked like from Dean Park after construction. As you can see, it’s only 20’ wide, and on a beautiful 180 degree view of the Peninsula it doesn’t negatively effect the scenery whatsoever.

The complaint regarding property values is also unsubstantiated. In fact, having a first class water slide down the road would actually add to their property value, not subtract from it!

Mayor Ted Daly, councilors Bob Shaw and Sheilah Fea wisely voted for the proposed variance. Councilors Bob Williamson, Anny Scoones, Peter Chandler and Cairine Green all voted against the variance and made an absolutely terrible decision.

The poor decision made by these 4 individuals are routed in two fallacies.

First of all, they are giving weight to complaints that deserve no weight at all. Any individual with any common sense can see from looking at the photos bellow that the complaint is negligible. No one is entitled to having their view stay stagnant, or for that matter dictating to other neighbors how their property should appear in order to enhance their view. An individuals property rights do not extend to the entire neighborhood.

Secondly, a fear of doing something great. This slide was going to be one of the only ones with an elevator for seniors and handicap people plus had a terrific, innovative design. I’ve read that some councilors are suggesting to just lower the slide to 19’. Not only would this put Panorama at a disadvantage to their competitors (Saanich Commonwealth Place 32’ slide, Oak Bay 19’ slide, Crystal Pool 20′ slide or Juan de Fuca 24’ slide), it’d greatly detract from the enjoyment of the slide. You’d end up with something mediocre, something average, something boring and something easy for them to approve! What happened to wanting to be the best? We should be striving not to meet the bar, we should be striving to blow past it! To raise it to new heights! To set a new standard so when other municipalities are going to upgrade their recreation centers, they come to the Peninsula to see how it is done!

Once again, the voting down of the variance was an absolutely terrible decision. If elected Mayor of Central Saanich, I will support the Panorama Recreation Centre in making a great recreation center even better!




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