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Below is a post I made on the Honeycomb Web Works blog that can be found at : http://honeycombwebworks.ca/content/first-100-transparent-campaign-sean-mcnulty

The First 100% Transparent Campaign

What makes the Sean for Mayor Campaign unique?

Is it the fact that we’re knocking on every door in the municipality? Partly, as this will be a first for the CRD region, but there are people who’ve knocked on more doors to get elected before.

Is it my age? If I win, yes, as I’ll be the youngest Mayor in Canadian History. But just putting your name forward as a candidate isn’t unique. Currently, there is a 19 year old running for Mayor of Victoria and a 19 year old running for council in Kelowna.

What makes my campaign unique is the fact that it is 100% transparent. By this I mean my views on just about everything are out there for the voters to judge. Even presidential candidates attempt to reveal less about their viewpoints and generally just use loose talking points. If you visit John McCain’s or Barack Obama’s websites you’ll notice that there are very few articles published by themselves. Most is done by campaign staff or supporters, and most is done for the sake of motivating each of their respective bases.

I decided to run my campaign this way because I believe people appreciate honest and transparency over secrecy and deception. All the presidential candidates continue to talk about a new kind of politics, but then continue an old style campaign. The Sean for Mayor Campaign is that new kind of politics, where the voters get to learn about my candidacy from my own words, not spun by the media, and have the opportunity to have me answer their questions and concerns either publicly on the blog or privately via email.

To date, I’ve got 105 articles posted making up hundreds of pages on everything you can imagine. Talk about a great deal for the voter (and a way to keep my campaign manager on his toes)!

Without the modern day version of the blog this couldn’t be possible. Due to this new medium we’re going to see all sorts of new exciting campaigns come out. There are so many different ways to get your message to the voter now!

Honeycomb Web Works has been a tremendous asset to our innovative website and thanks to excellent companies such as them everyone can setup a blog affordably, that looks great, plus gets ‘pure performance and sweet results’!


Sean McNulty
Mayoral Candidate in Central Saanich

Live from New York

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I’ve been in New York since Sunday for the World Business Forum and what an exciting place to be! Especially with the upheaval of Wall Street and the UN General Assembly going on, there couldn’t be a better time to visit.

Down on Wall Street, I had the chance to swing by the New York Stock Exchange. It’s really something to observe, just massive buildings and tons of people. I also took some time to call around on lease space on the most expensive strip in the world. Right now, to lease 20 000 sqft on Wall Street its $3.5 million per year. To rent a 1 bedroom studio apartment of about 500sqft is running $2700 per month.

In the rest of Manhattan, security is everywhere as every leader of every country in the world is within a few blocks of my Hotel. Plus, every building you go in they check your bag and pat you down.

The World Business Forum has been one of the most educational experiences I’ve had. I’m a strong believer that the people you want to talk with and listen to are the people with a track record of success, and I am in the right place to do that. Among the many speakers of this 2 day event were:

Colin Powell
Madeleine Albright
Rudy Giuliani
Jack Welsh
David Rubenstein
Tony Blair

They even had an open mic session where you could get up and ask questions. I took this opportunity to ask Rudy - in front of 5000 executives - some questions about the Presidential Race. Plus throughout the conference I gave these New Yorkers a few tips on the bailout, which I’m sure they appreciated ;).

What I found really remarkable is that all these great leaders of our time shared many of the same characteristics. They were confident, but also aware of what they did and didn’t know. If a question stumped them, they said so. The charisma they had was amazing, although it was a unique type within each of them, they really drew the room in and carried themselves in a way that commanded respect. All had a great sense of humour, especially Colin Powell and Madeleine Albright. They were going back and forth on their disagreements and it was hilarious.

After seeing and listening to these fascinating individuals, you know why they rose to the top in each of their respective fields. It had nothing to do with race, with gender or with their socio-economic status. It had everything to do with hard work, perseverance and dedication to their cause or profession. They’ve earned the privilege to be on that stage and are truly remarkable human beings.

I’m off to a Broadway Show, see you back in Central Saanich on the 29th!



NY Stock Exchange

Colin Powell and Madeleine Albright at World Business Forum

Tony Blair at World Business Forum

Times Square by Broadway Show

Horse’n Around

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On my silent majority tour there are two things I see a lot of: horses and dogs! This is, after all, a rural, agricultural municipality and nothing says rural more than horses on the road. In fact, all these hay fields out here are a result of our vibrant horse industry. Recently, at Island View, we held a joint golf/riding competition with Lochside Stables which was a tremendous success. Clearly, horses are an important part of Central Saanich.

I had a delightful conversation with a nice lady who lives on Stelly’s X Road about this subject. We ended up talking for close to an hour, some of which was about the exciting possibilities of incorporating the horse riding community more as projects are undertaken in the municipality.

As I got to thinking about our conversation as I scooted around that day, and an idea popped into my head regarding the village centers in Brentwood and Saanichton. The idea is new, different and requires some creative outside the box thinking, but I believe it’s a winner.

Think about how remarkable it would be to incorporate access for horses into our village centers!

Now granted, Brentwood’s road work has already been done, but the municipality can still incorporate horse trails into Saanichton Village if and when the road infrastructure is upgraded. Plus, with the Tomlinson trail close by, we could incorporate a trail from Tomlinson leading up Mt Newton Cross Road to Saanichton Village, and have that trail lead to a horse tie-up right in the middle of the village. It could have a trough and everything! It’d be just like a John Wayne movie!

As I said before, nothing says rural like horses, and this type of initiative would fit right in with our community’s ethos. Plus it’s a unique, made-in-Central Saanich idea that would bring more customers into Saanichton and create a unique experience for the shoppers; something similar to the Goats on the roof in Coombs.

There are some logistic challenges, but they can be overcome. For instance, if this were to be implemented, I would also put forth a bylaw regulated that horse riders pickup their horse’s manure. The horse trails require upkeep and therefore tax payers dollars, but with the increased density in our village centers, plus some effectively applied Development Cost Charges (DCC’s), those costs would be absorbed by the expanded tax base.

More broadly, as Mayor, I believe making our community more horse friendly offers tremendous benefit.

I will connect more horse trails within Central Saanich. I think it would be absolutely fantastic to be able to get around our area via truck, car, bike, scooter, foot AND horse. With today’s gas prices, hay’s got to be cheaper!  I would incorporate tie-up spots at logical locations and include trails leading to some of the great equestrian businesses we have, planning it all out much like a road system. It would take time, but with prudent management of tax-payers dollars, productive consultation with the horse riding community and a solid long term plan we can do it.

I’ve heard that some trails, particularly on Mt Newton Cross Road, are extremely dangerous and unsafe. This is unfortunate and ought to be addressed as soon as possible. Many young people learning to ride take Mt Newton and it would be tragic if they were to hurt themselves due to unsafe trail conditions.

Also, in regard to safety, I’ve been asked – and plan – to improve the road signage regarding horses. The public, myself included, is largely uneducated on the proper way to pass a horse via automobile and some intelligently placed signage would go a long way to solving that ignorance.

Back to the big picture, being more horse friendly can have positive financial benefits for Central Saanich too. There is a strong horse tourism industry and even – in the interior of BC – horse bed and breakfasts for people going on long journeys. Our own horse industry could incorporate horse tours of our beautiful municipality with the proper trails. Horse tours could be integrated with our bourgeoning wine tourism industry. How big of a draw would it be to do a wine tour on a horse?!

Many other places around the world, including Switzerland and Scottsdale Arizona, have done a great job incorporating horse transportation and tourism into their community as it grows and prospers. I see this as a unique opportunity to do something new, exciting and creative to make Central Saanich an even better place to live. If elected Mayor, I look forward to making it happen!

Council Meeting Procedures

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The Central Saanich Council Meetings are being run poorly. Audience members speak out of turn, certain council members go on tangents that seem to last forever yet say very little and often the meeting goes completely off topic. You can see the frustration in the current councilors’ eyes as they are continually forced to make ‘points of order’, hoping to get the meeting back on track. Unfortunately, their insights are often short lived and by the next agenda item the meeting is once again out of control.

For example, the August 18th meeting went until 1am. Think about that. It took 6 hours to get through a 6 page agenda! That amount of time to cover that amount of material is unacceptable. It is not only strenuous on council and municipal staff, but the residents as well. Most have work in the morning and kids to look after. They should be able to come to a municipal council meeting, see what’s happening in their community and still get to bed at a reasonable hour.

Amazingly, September 8th’s meeting was filled with more antics! The agenda kicked off with the proposed amendment to the regional context statement, which a few letter writers wanted to address. I’m all for public input, but it has got to remain focused on the topic and not just reiterate what has already been said in the letter. Mayor Mar gave the speakers free rein to go on tangents about a number of things, and even to personally attack other members of the audience’s professions. Unbelievable!

Then Mayor Mar pointed out the fact that the letter writer had a subdivision on their property, which the letter writer took offence to. The letter writers relative got up out of turn and demanded an apology, which after a moment of hesitation the Mayor gave.

After that, a council member wanting to respond to a letter writer proceeded to get up and start an impromptu power point presentation! Once again, Mayor Mar gave the council member free rein. This sort of non-sense went on and on as the night progressed, much of which is contrary to Bylaw No 1094 (the meetings and procedure Bylaw).

I’ve chaired a lot of meetings and have a vastly different style than Mayor Mar.

First off, I stay in control at all times. That means no impromptu power point presentations, no back and forth debates with the gallery and I will ensure everyone speaks in order.

Secondly, I will keep the dialog respectful. The Mayor and Council are there to make decisions with the public and staff available to provide input; we are not there to personally attack each other.

Thirdly, I will run meetings efficiently and complete them at a reasonable hour. Time is the most valuable commodity on earth and should be treated as such.

Finally, when I foresee it will be a well attended meeting, I will move it to a room that can accommodate seating for everyone! It’s extremely frustrating to have to try to hear what’s going on from the hallway, especially considering down the hall there are rooms with adequate seating.

Running an optimal meeting is a delicate balancing act between getting input and making decisions. It’s about getting all the facts, not all the opinions. Most of all, it’s about leadership. I’ve demonstrated the ability to run meetings efficiently and provide leadership. I will bring those skills to the table as Mayor of Central Saanich.

Response to Fred Young

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Below is my response to Fred Young which was published in todays Peninsula Review Newspaper.


Fred Young and I did have a pleasant conversation while I was on my ‘Silent Majority Tour’, but he mischaracterized my position on development. My approach is not that of everything and anything goes. In fact, I don’t like the term pro-development. It lends to the idea that as Mayor I would go around dictating to people to develop their properties, which is not the case. I look at my position as one of pro-liberty and pro-property rights. Therefore, my take on development is that if a man or women wants to improve upon their property, and it doesn’t negatively affect the equal property rights of others, why should it be stopped? I’m not encouraging anyone to develop anything, I’m freeing people to pursue their goals and dreams with their land as they see fit.

This is why the anti-development crowd is not only wrong in an economic sense, but morally as well. The  ‘pro development’ crowd respects property rights and believes that individuals ought to be able to do what they wish with their properties within the given regulations the land is purchased under. Whereas the anti-development crowd wants to impose their vision on others people’s property regardless of what the land owners desire. One side advocates a bottom up, grass roots approach and one advocates a top down, dictatorship like approach to communities evolving.

In regards to this not being an ‘industrial, or even light industrial municipality’, Randy and I both operate businesses in the Keating Industrial Park (Raven Metal Works and Five Star Paving) which is a vital part of Central Saanich. Keating doesn’t irrevocably diminish our rural appeal, it makes a great place even better.

I question the term ‘we’ that was throughout Mr. Young’s letter. Who is ‘we’? I know he’s not speaking for myself and my supporters. I believe Mr. Young is putting forth his point of view, and perhaps his neighbors, not all the citizens of Central Saanich. I’ve door knocked over 1200 homes and can say I’ve yet to meet this ‘we’ that is being referred to.

The Town Hall meeting was a tremendous success, and why Mr. Young is critiquing it while at the same time stating he didn’t see the entire thing is odd. It’s like going to a movie, watching half of it and then writing a review.

The barbarians aren’t at the gate, they’ve broken through long ago and are operating the municipality! Central Saanich, your liberators are at the gate. It’s time to elect us and take back your municipality from the vocal minority!

Sean McNulty
Mayoral Candidate in Central Saanich

Fred Young’s Letter to Peninsula Review on August 27th

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Below is a letter Fred Young sent into the Peninsula Review that commented on my campaign.


A few weeks ago a very young man knocked on my door and introduced himself as Sean McNulty. He stated he was running for mayor of Central Saanich. When asked his position on development, his eyes lit up like pinwheels and he enthusiastically pronounced he was all for it. When I said more growth would lead to more infrastructure, more housing, more school rooms, more hospital beds, more cars, more sewage, more noise, more ferries, longer ferry waits, etc., etc., he almost levitated and gave me an enthusiastic “Yeah!!” I told him I couldn’t support his position and that today’s new infrastructure is tomorrow’s tax burden and that any success at fast growth would diminish this pastoral, bucolic municipality irreparably. Sean was polite and friendly, we respectfully bid adieu to each other.

Some time later, I attended a meeting, which I believed to be endorsed by Council: “Notice of Public Town Hall Meeting for the Future of Central Saanich – Increased Taxes or Managed Growth”. On arrival, I spotted the mayor and two council members who said this meeting had nothing to do with council and they were there as invited guests. The very young Mister McNulty was there as a featured speaker, as were other prominent business leaders. A local businessman, Randy Sewell, who is trying to have his property rezoned for business expansion purposes, gave an impressive, but disturbing, power point presentation. He would put up a set of points, followed by a question aimed at the perceived ineptitude of the current mayor and council, followed by a photo of a mentally challenged person scratching his head like a dodo bird. He continued to humiliate and insult his guests, the mayor and council. This is like inviting guests to your house for the purpose of humiliating them for the enjoyment of others. This even disturbed some in a room obviously full of development supporters. He talked about a previous council whose motto was “Go Slow, Grow Slow” (which I thought a perfect slogan for our unique municipality) which Mister Sewell believes is a motto of professional ineptitude and incompetents. I assumed his motto was “Go Fast, Grow Fast” (anybody want to move to Langford?). Some speakers (gentler, kinder than Mr. Sewell) threw out the developers’ favourite phrase “Smart Growth” which I always considered a Central Saanich oxymoron. In honesty, I fled the meeting in frustration after a couple of hours and missed some speakers.

The point, Mr. Sewell and Mr. McNulty, is that this is not an industrial, or even light industrial municipality. This is where we choose to live because of its unique rural nature. Every new industrial footprint irrevocably diminishes this community. This Mayor and Council aren’t stupid, Mr. Sewell, they actually ‘get it’. It’s you that doesn’t get it. This is far more viable and attractive as a bedroom community than a Langford spin-off.

According to Mr. Sewell, we are being burdened by unnecessary tax increases. This year my taxes were increased by approximately $15 a month (10 per cent) or one family outing a month for ice cream cones! My neighbours and I would gladly pay more to maintain our unique community. We currently have one of the lowest tax rates anywhere in the CRD.

Developers are folks who end up in the mansions on the hill looking down on the sprawl they created.

Time to gear up, folks, the Barbarians are at the gate!

Fred Young
Central Saanich

Introducing the Sean for Mayor Scooter!

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When the Sean for Mayor Campaign first announced I was going to knock on every house in the district, we were met with some skepticism.

It is a tremendous task which presents some formidable logistic challenges.

But when the Sean for Mayor Campaign is confronted with a challenge we don’t stagnate, we innovate!

Therefore, thanks to the generous donations by the Sean for Mayor supporters, we’ve purchased a 2000 Honda Scooter (appropriately named the “Sean for Mayor Scooter”) to get me around to every house in the district as promised!

If you see me riding down the road honk and get a free bumper sticker!


The Bumper Stickers Have Arrived!

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Ladies and Gentleman,

Today we received the official Sean for Mayor Bumper Stickers!

Show your support for the campaign that will make Central Saanich an even better place to live and throw one up on your vehical today!

Email sean@seanformayor.com to have a bumper sticker personally delivered to your door.


The Sean for Mayor Campaign Team

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