6 months in the making, Central Saanich mayoral candidate Sean McNulty, 24, has completed his “Silent Majority Tour” and knocked on every accessible door in the community totaling 5008.  The political upstart began his trek this spring, several months after being the first to declare candidacy for the 2008 race.

“There are two facts I prove to the residents by completing this monumental task,” he said with a smile, “firstly, that I’ll out work any other candidate, and secondly, I am the toughest candidate mentally. This wasn’t a test of physical endurance, it was a test of mental endurance, and I passed it with flying colors”.

McNulty, general manager of the Island View Golf Centre, began his tour to better acquaint himself with the residents of this rural community.

“The Keating Industrial Park, the Peninsula Co-op, the Vantreight Hill Project proposal, the Senanus water line - those issues all came up,” said McNulty, of his talks with residents.  “But the main message has been that people are fed up with the lethargy of this Mayor and Council.  They want someone who can bring this municipality forward without sacrificing the small-town, rural feeling that brought people into this community.”

Traditionally, the arena of municipal politics has been a sleepy one in Central Saanich.  Candidates usually buy several dozen yard signs, pay for one Canada post mail-out, and spread the word to friends and family.  McNulty, on the other hand, is known for his giant billboard on the Pat Bay highway, luxurious gala at the Brentwood Bay lodge and extremely active blog-style website.

“The website has really heated up the race.  None of the other candidates allow the general public to comment.  I don’t hold back my views and neither do the people who comment on them.  The discourse has been very frank.”

Municipal elections are being held on November 15th, and residents of Central Saanich can vote at the Central Saanich Municipal Hall.

Sean will be free for telephone inquiries or interviews at 250-413-7279 anytime.