My Grandma lives on Wilcox Terrence and it appears Chris was by her house the other day. Grandma wasn’t home so he left his brochure containing a business card in it with a personalized message (see picture above).

This wasn’t the usual candidate business card, it was his Central Saanich Councillor business card. Upon further investigation, I discovered that Chris had ordered 2000 business cards specifically for this election!

This means that whether you agree or disagree with Chris’s stances on the issues and the direction he wants to take this municipality, you’ve been financially supporting his campaign.

Coming from a candidate that touts his fiscal responsibility, this is anything but. I spent hundreds of dollars on my campaign business cards, and I know other candidates did as well. For him to order councillor cards then manipulate them into campaign propaganda is an unacceptable use of tax payer’s dollars.

If elected Mayor, I will be sending Chris an invoice for all 2000 of the business cards he ordered for this campaign. To enforce compliance, why don’t we cut off his water?