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The Campaign for the Rational Mind, with forewords by the raconteur, polemicist and social commentator Noah Pawlowski and local business leader James McNulty, is the riveting tale of Sean Bellamy McNulty’s run for mayor of Central Saanich in 2008. This election was one of the most critical in the history of Central Saanich, with millions of dollars in potential projects hanging in the balance. Over the course of the book, which was written over the 2 years during the campaign, Sean takes on abusive staff members, entrenched corrupt local politicians and a vocal majority that had been holding the balance of power behind the scenes in Central Saanich denying opportunity for betterment within the community. His campaign to liberate Central Saanich wins him many admirers, as well as enemies who seek to discredit and destroy him at every opportunity.

Although ultimately unsuccessful in the battle to win the mayoral nomination, Sean is successful in winning the war of ideas. The projects he championed have since been approved and a new council put Central Saanich back on a path to prosperity.